UDC 347.71:665.72
Biblid: 0025-8555, 70(2018)
Vol. 70, No 3, pp. 305-336
DOI: https://doi.org/10.2298/MEDJP1803305S

Pregledni članak
Received: 19 Sep 2018
Accepted: 08 Oct 2018


STANOJEVIĆ Petar (Vanredni profesor Fakulteta bezbednosti Univerziteta u Beogradu), petstano45@gmail.com
MIŠEV Gordana (Msr Gordana Mišev je koordinatorka procesa evrointegracija u Ministarstvu rudarstva i energetike Republike Srbije)

The paper analyses the global natural gas market in the context of the identification of influential international factors or phenomena that will determine trends in the next foreseeable period. Natural gas is an energy source that, in addition to renewable energy sources, shows a high and continuous growth trend. Almost all countries possess certain means to produce electricity (including renewable energy sources) or obtain it from the immediate environment, while gas and oil are energy products that all countries use but do not have. Trends related to these two energy sources and the factors that influence the creation of their market are numerous and complex. The authors present some important aspects and approaches to energy security issues related to global energy challenges, as well as the risks and threats that the world is exposed to today and in the future. The authors conclude that natural gas as the energy of the future is recording increasing consumption, which requires a profound analysis of trends in this area.

Keywords: natural gas, energy products, trends, gas pipelines, security of supply