UDC 327:330.341.1(430)(510)(73)
Biblid: 0025-8555, 73(2021)
Vol. 73, No 4, pp. 637-666
DOI: https://doi.org/10.2298/MEDJP2104637F

Оriginal article
Received: 24 Jun 2021
Accepted: 15 Oct 2021


FILIPOVIĆ Sanja (Principal Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences, Belgrade and Full professor at Singidunum University, Belgrade), sfilipovic@idn.org.rs
IGNJATOVIĆ Jelena (Research Associate at the Economics Institute, Belgrade), jignjatovic985@gmail.com

The aim of this paper is to determine which country has technological superiority in the field of industry by analysing the strategic approaches to the industrial development of three leading industrial countries (Germany, China, and the US), as well as selected indicators of industrial development. The results of the research show that China has the most ambitious approach and pretension to take a leading position in a large number of high-tech industries. Since 2014, China has become the second-largest industrial power, right after Germany, while the US has been in fourth place since 2017. China leads in terms of the share of industrial products in global trade and the share of manufacturing value added in the total world gross domestic product. Since 2015, China and Germany have developed intensive cooperation in the area of hi-tech industrial production, while bilateral relations between China and the US are tight due to the trade war. While the US, as the third-largest bilateral trading partner of Germany (after China and the Netherlands), is generating a trade deficit, China is making a breakthrough towards the European market, which is in line with the strategy of taking the position of a global leader in high technology.

Keywords: Germany, China, the United States, international relations, the fourth industrial revolution, technological development, industry