The reviewers of articles for International Problems/Međunarodni problemi are required to provide competent, explained, and unbiased feedback in a timely manner on the scholarly merits and the scientific value of the manuscript.

The reviewers assess manuscripts for the compliance with the thematic profile of the journal, the relevance of the investigated topic and applied methods, the originality and scientific relevance of results presented in the manuscript, the presentation style and scholarly apparatus.

The reviewer should alert the Editor-in-Chief to any reasonable doubt or knowledge of possible violations of ethical standards by the authors. Reviewer should recognize relevant published works that have not been cited by the authors. The reviewer should alert the Editor-in-Chief to substantial similarities between a reviewed manuscript and any manuscript published or under consideration for publication elsewhere, in the event they are aware of such. The reviewers should also alert the Editor-in-Chief to a parallel submission of the same paper to another journal, in the event they are aware of such.

The reviewer must be free from disqualifying competing interests with respect to the authors and/or the funding sources for the research. If such conflict of interest exists, the reviewers must report them to the Editor without delay.

The reviewer who feels unqualified to review the research topic presented in manuscript – or is not familiar with the research area in which it falls – should notify the Editor-in-Chief. Editor-inChief will respect requests from authors that an individual should not review their submission if these are well-reasoned and practicable.

The review must be conducted objectively. The reviewer`s judgement should be stated in a clear manner and supported with arguments. Instructions for the reviewers provide detailed guidelines and criteria for the assessment of manuscripts.

Any manuscripts received for review must be treated as confidential documents. The reviewers must not use unpublished materials disclosed in submitted manuscripts without the express written consent of the authors. The information and ideas presented in submitted manuscripts shall be kept confidential and must not be used for personal gain.