dr Ivona Lađevac

Dr Ivona Lađevac is a Research Fellow at the Institute of International Politics and Economics and Editor-in-Chief of the journal “International Problems”. She graduated and earned her MSc Degree at the Faculty of Political Sciences Belgrade University (department for International Relations), while her Ph.D. got at the Faculty of Security Studies with thesis on “Strategic Partnership of Russian Federation and People’s Republic of China within global security context”. Dr Lađevac also completed specialization in European studies and attended seminars on strengthening capacity of public administration, labor migrations in the Balkans, strengthening capacity of the cross-border cooperation, preparing project proposals for EU funded projects, as well the United Nations summer school about challenges to international peace and security in new millennium.

She has participated in many international conferences and authored numerous scientific papers, including two monographs, editor and coeditor of several thematic and international conference proceedings. Her main research areas are contemporary international relations, focused to relations between China and Russia, the Belt and the Road Initiative as well to cooperation between China and CEEC’s. Fluent in English, possess good knowledge of French and studying Chinese language.



Deputy Editor-in-Chief

dr Nebojša Vuković

Nebojša Vuković joined the Institute for International Politics and Economics in August 2016. His main areas of academic interests are geopolitics, geostrategy, political geography, American global strategy, conflicts in the Balkans, foreign policy of the Russian Federation. Vuković obtained his doctor’s degree at the Faculty of Geography, University of Belgrade, in 2011 with focus on theoretical directions in Russian geopolitical thought. Nebojša earned his Master’s degree at the Department of International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, in 2006, with thesis on theoretical work of Nicholas Spykman. He graduated from the Department of Philosophy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Novi Sad in 1998. He worked as a Philosophy teacher in secondary schools until 2016. Nebojša Vuković authored monographic study The Logic of an Empire: Nicholas Spykman and contemporary American Geopolitics and a dozen of research papers in the fields mentioned above.




dr Miloš Petrović

Miloš Petrović is a Research Fellow at the Institute of International Politics and Economics and a Guest lecturer at the Faculty of Political Sciences, University of Belgrade. He is a Secretary of the journal “International Problems/ Međunarodni problemi”. Domains of his academic interest include the European Union studies (focusing on integrative processes within EU enlargement and neighborhood policies), as well as Eastern European contemporary politics and history. Miloš conducted his doctoral research at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Masaryk University in Brno (Czech Republic), and defended his PhD thesis at the Faculty of Political Science, University of Belgrade, under topic Incomplete integration as an obstacle to the political development of the European Union’s Eastern Partnership. He graduated from the Faculty of Political Science of University of Belgrade (International Affairs), and obtained his Master degree in European integration at the Europa-Institut, University of Saarland (Germany). He authored two monographs and numerous scientific texts. The overview of his published research is available here.