UDC 330.5(4)
Biblid: 0025-855565(2013)
Vol. 65, No 1, pp. 85-109
DOI: https://doi.org/10.2298/MEDJP1301085A

Оriginal article
Received: 15 Mar 2013
Accepted: 15 Apr 2013


ANDONOV Oliver Aleksandar (Dr Oliver Aleksandar Andonov, docent, Fakultet bezbednosti i finansijske kontrole, MIT Univerzitet Skopje, Republika Makedonija), andonov.oliver@yahoo.com

The objective of the research of connection between national interests and the security policy of the European Union is to perceive the possibilities of the Balkan states to preserve their identity and achieve their vital and permanent national interests by their membership in the European Union. According to the author, the implementation of the security policy of European Union is often opposite to one’s own national interests. However, a pragmatic question for political leaders is how to resolve the following dilemma: „is the created european security identity more important at the moment than the preservation of immediate or some permanent national interests“? The author points to the fact that the notion of national interests is a variable both historically and theoretically. Political, economic, security and other objectives determine vital national interests in some historical periods. At the same time, not rarely, some states alter their strategies and objectives for their own interests assessing whether the conditions prevailing in the internal and external surroundings have changed. The author devotes special attention to a comparative analysis of defining, determining and conceptual determination of national interests from the aspect of national security policies of some important states and the European Union. The second part of the article contains an analysis of the response of a group of Macedonian experts to the questions pertaining to the possibility of preserving and achieving of national interests of the Republic of Macedonia through its membership in the European Union.

Keywords: national and vital interests, security policy of EU, european identity, Balkan states’ EU membership